Listed are a few of the events held by and for the Chester Volunteer Fire Department. Dates and times may vary.

Memorial/Labor Day BarbequeEdit

This is a semi-annual fundraiser to benefit the Chester Volunteer Fire Department. All funds raised go directly towards the department for the purpose of equipment, aide, and other necessary expenditures as the department deems needed.

Chicken is slow-cooked over an open pit charcoal fire for 3 hours and turned by hand (see images to the right.) It is then barbequed and steamed. The result is a moist tasty chicken from a generation-old secret recipe.

Ribs are slow cooked in roasters with a mix of barbeque, peppers, seasons and spices for several hours to make a tender juicy meal.

Side dishes are available by season-generally cole slaw, baked beans, or applesauce.

Home made ice cream is made for each of these two events. Made with real milk, sugar, and other "secret" ingredients, these are a tasty summer treat. Flavors vary by season but often include: vanilla, chocolate, oreo, cherry nut, lemon, and pineapple amongst others.

This event is prepared entirely by the Chester Volunteer Fire Department members, family, and community volunteers. It is a great meal and enjoyable social gathering.

Held every Memorial Day & Veteran's Day. Serving begins at 11a.m. Dine in or carry-out available.

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